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Posted by MLGoodell on January 24, 2017 at 11:00 AM

There is no better proof of the difference between the two men than this: After an unprecedented 8 scandal-free years under Barack Obama, Donald Trump was already mired in controversy before his first presidential weekend was finished. Though Crowdgate is merely the beginning of a live-streaming cavalcade of scandals which will define Trump’s first and likely only, or, if mobs of pussyhatted fantasists have their way, severely truncated term, in many ways this will be the worst of them all.


Anyone who witnessed the stock footage of Inauguration coverage could see the sharp contrast between the essentially empty Capital Mall of 2017 and the hordes of gleeful, grateful Americans who were drawn like moths to flame in 2009 to exult in the elevation of the man who had come to rescue not just America, but the entire world. Yet despite undeniable video proof that mere hours before the ceremony began the rainswept mall was essentially empty, this buffoon, this climate change denier, this consort of putains and Putins, this, this — businessman, had the audacity to claim his crowds were bigger than Obama’s!


Then, in defiance of The Fact Checkers, the man doubled down on his claims. And this, as I learned today from NPR’s Morning Report, is when we can no longer give him the benefit of the doubt. We could have chalked up his errant assertion to being just the latest manifestation of his outsized ego, but after The Fact Checkers weighed in, it became something much, much worse. It became a lie.


Yes, that is correct, my friends, Donald Trump lied to the American people. While being lied to is alway painful, for a great many young Americans, it is particularly traumatic. After spending their entire adult lives swathed in Barack Obama’s gentle caress they must face the specter of a president who willfully deceives his constituents.


It gets worse, however. Not only did Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary, refuse to apologize for his boss’s lies, he made things worse by claiming tens of millions of people viewed the inauguration over the internet. It was the work of mere moments for The Fact Checkers to destroy that ploy. Yet still All the Trump’s Men continued to delude the public.


Even after the first weekend ended, when sympathetic reporters would have willingly granted the president a fresh start, Spicer insisted on perpetuating the prevarication. “Why would they continue to lie?” a perplexed Tamara Keith wondered on NPR this morning, apparently shaken by the fact that some men (men who would never wear a pussyhat, by the way) are willing to defy The Fact Checkers. “Why keep talking about crowd size?”


Not having the skill set conducive to public media employment, I fall back on an unnuanced outlook. Perhaps, I speculated, they keep talking about it because reporters keep asking them about it? Naw, that’s crazy talk. Why would reporters even care who said what about crowd size? It is a matter devoid of import.


Or is it? As the saying goes, it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that gets you in the end. We are indeed fortunate that Obama was ever cognizant of that. This is why he insisted on transparency. Because he realized if every action is taken under the bright glare of public scrutiny, there is no chance to misbehave, and no need to cover it up.


One can only hope Mr. Trump will be able to learn this lesson. In the meantime, we have people like Tamara to defend our interests. No doubt she understands that lying to the American people, even about a crucial matter like crowd size does not constitute an Impeachable offense. On the other hand, lying about the lies, continuing to repeat those lies even after The Fact Checkers have made their ruling? That may well be a high crime or misdemeanor.


One thing we know for certain, after the first hectic hours of the Trump regime, is there will be countless other opportunities for decent Americans to whip out hashtags and flood social media with CheetoDust and NotMyPresident. And maybe, just maybe, those hashtags, diligently applied, will force Trump to admit his crowds were smaller than Obama’s. And if we win this battle, we just might keep him from building a wall or setting up concentration camps for African-Americans, Mexicans and members of the LGBTFAQ Community.

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